Friday, April 1, 2011

Grandmother Halleran.

Okay, I am up early and will get out for my walk after tea. I was unable to find the picture of my father.I did happen upon my grandmothers' picture and I have a mat that I hooked of her so I can post that. Mom always told me that my Grandmother Halleran was a happy person who danced around the kitchen all the time.I guess she was a joyful person. I don't remember her since she passed on when I was an infant. Mom had told me Grandmother would keep beautiful gardens. I remember her home.I would visit my cousins in the summers. It was where I went for summer holidays . I have memories of Grandfather and going to the shop with my cousin to buy his tobacco. He was bedridden and we would go up and sit with him. He would give us a little money for candy whenever we headed out to the shop to buy his tobacco.I remember all the sheep wandering around and the fields with the horses. I haven't seen my cousin for a long time but maybe we will get together this summer. Great memories. I still manage to go out to visit n the summer..........

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