Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunny Sunday and shopping........ Paisley from Betty

It is a beautiful sunny and warm day  . I have been busy shopping for my two little grandsons. I managed to find a few nice summer outfits for them. I will have to get out to buy a toy to add to it.Another puppet!!!!!!!!!. I also have a  book from my sons godmother to mail to the little ones.I have a lovely piece of paisley to use with my new paisley design that I will be doing this week. Looking forward to it.  It was a wonderful gift from a friend. I walked all week and it does pay off when you stick to it. Planted my shamrock into a pretty soft sea blue pot. I may need to buy another pot.Yellow I think.My tulips and hyacinths are blooming . It will soon be time to get out and dig,dig, dig . Hopefully I can start adding a few more summer flowers and pull all the summer planters out .........Love this fabulous weather.......Bed early this evening.I will have a busy week............


  1. I was checking out my flower beds today too. I think I'm going to dig half of them up and start over.

  2. Hi Karen,
    I just noticed your post on my blog that I didn't respond to...the lambs are keeping us quite busy..Our sheep are a Local Newfoundland breed. We have had Cheviots over time but now just the plain old Nfld. breed.
    I have not been to Camp yet so no, you haven't met me...When there is one in St. John's, I plan to attend; however, it is around the time that we have hay making to do...grrr. I went to a rug hooking weekend camp on Woody Island last year ( it was a first time for this) and have my reservation made for this coming Sept./Oct. weekend...
    Love the paisley material and look forward to seeing the result.
    take care....