Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Had a chat with my older brother today. I was browsing through some old pictures and saw this one. We both look very happy and I do love that dress!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

A few days ago the background was a darker blue. The piece was not working out so I thought that I needed to go lighter and pull one of my colours from the fish. It is a darker value and it works. I ran out of the colour and went to the Thrift store and found an old coat and a couple of  tshirts.That will work ,wish I could have found velour but oh well. It is so much fun to hook .....I plan on putting a red border  on the edge where the line is ......Anyway,I am happy with this now. I need to plan a new piece soon and finish off the  two I am working on.A sunny day again. love it...........I may venture out and buy myself a pair of smart socks......Had my friend , her mother and husband in for supper last evening.Boiled salmon ....yum. I call her my second mother since mom passed..she has been so good to me and was a wonderful friend of my mothers. Of course loved having Frankie the puppy visit.....and Noreen.......Next meal will be a lunch with the girls and my old spinach Quiche recipe.......Haven't made it for years..........

Monday, September 5, 2011

dandy long legs or daddy long legs???????????

okay.......They are everywhere. I call them dandy long legs and others say daddy long legs........A friend told me that Newfoundland  and Irish people say dandy long legs........Anyway. I have to walk through them coming and going and they are a nuisance. Really harmless .A crane fly.......I am wishing them away .........Blueberry season is here and I bought a little basket. Would love to pick a few.....not a great year for them but the blueberries are ready now. Reminds me that I will have to hunt down some partridgeberries as well. Wild Blueberries,Bakeapples and Partridgeberries. What else would one wish for???????????Fresh cod maybe..........