Saturday, April 30, 2011

I have been in the dye pots and managed to get some blue and green wool done. I was running out of wool for sky. I may check my wool stash and dye a little more .........So not a lot of hooking this past week but I started working the rest of the sky last evening.I have also been busy walking Grays lake or is it greys lake .I always forget........It is paying off and I have been walking the lake to the Desmoines River by the ballpark and back around the lake.It takes about 11/2 hours and is a great walk. I have also been helping a friend get her house ready to sell. It is almost done and it looks great. She should not have any problems selling. I will miss her when she takes off to Oregon but maybe I can find a rughooking workshop out that way sometime.It would be a great reason to visit that part of the country ..........I may have to do a little painting here,,,,,,,after seeing J's house......Beautiful day today......Capri time is back.Ya!!!!!!!!!

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