Thursday, March 31, 2011

celtic fish

I walked again today.I am working on trying to live a healthy lifestyle by eating lots of good foods and moving every day....I am cooking frozen cod ,baking it,with lots of vegetables. It is not just out of the water but I will be able to taste that fresh fish by summertime and holidays...I hooked this fish for my son a long time ago. Dover is a great place to find designs and ideas. I do have a nice photo of my father walking with a bunch of fish.Must find it and post. Apparently he loved to skip school and go fishing with his friends.My grandmother did not approve. She was a hard working woman who was very involved in her community. She was also a midwife and known in the town as Mrs. Lil .My mother told me a story once about her. Grandmother was cooking the Sunday meal and needed potatoes from the cellar.She asked Grandfather who was reading his book at the time to go and fetch them . He continued to read for awhile and decided it was time to get the potatoes. Mom laughed as she told me that Grandmother looked at him and said." They are in the pot and ready to eat". She went out to the cellar herself and got them. I guess we all have our stories.....Oh ,no..I just burned the suppertime potatoes.I think I can save them..........maybe.......

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