Monday, September 5, 2011

dandy long legs or daddy long legs???????????

okay.......They are everywhere. I call them dandy long legs and others say daddy long legs........A friend told me that Newfoundland  and Irish people say dandy long legs........Anyway. I have to walk through them coming and going and they are a nuisance. Really harmless .A crane fly.......I am wishing them away .........Blueberry season is here and I bought a little basket. Would love to pick a few.....not a great year for them but the blueberries are ready now. Reminds me that I will have to hunt down some partridgeberries as well. Wild Blueberries,Bakeapples and Partridgeberries. What else would one wish for???????????Fresh cod maybe..........


  1. Crane Fly you say? Thank you you have solved a debate between the wife and I! She is convinced, rightly so, that they are spiders. I said no way in NFLD they are these giant mosquito looking thing. Ah yes the Rock. Gotta love it!

  2. I also say dandy my wife says daddy , I will sleep better tonight knowing I'm not alone.