Monday, September 5, 2011

dandy long legs or daddy long legs???????????

okay.......They are everywhere. I call them dandy long legs and others say daddy long legs........A friend told me that Newfoundland  and Irish people say dandy long legs........Anyway. I have to walk through them coming and going and they are a nuisance. Really harmless .A crane fly.......I am wishing them away .........Blueberry season is here and I bought a little basket. Would love to pick a few.....not a great year for them but the blueberries are ready now. Reminds me that I will have to hunt down some partridgeberries as well. Wild Blueberries,Bakeapples and Partridgeberries. What else would one wish for???????????Fresh cod maybe..........

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  1. Crane Fly you say? Thank you you have solved a debate between the wife and I! She is convinced, rightly so, that they are spiders. I said no way in NFLD they are these giant mosquito looking thing. Ah yes the Rock. Gotta love it!