Thursday, March 31, 2011

celtic fish

I walked again today.I am working on trying to live a healthy lifestyle by eating lots of good foods and moving every day....I am cooking frozen cod ,baking it,with lots of vegetables. It is not just out of the water but I will be able to taste that fresh fish by summertime and holidays...I hooked this fish for my son a long time ago. Dover is a great place to find designs and ideas. I do have a nice photo of my father walking with a bunch of fish.Must find it and post. Apparently he loved to skip school and go fishing with his friends.My grandmother did not approve. She was a hard working woman who was very involved in her community. She was also a midwife and known in the town as Mrs. Lil .My mother told me a story once about her. Grandmother was cooking the Sunday meal and needed potatoes from the cellar.She asked Grandfather who was reading his book at the time to go and fetch them . He continued to read for awhile and decided it was time to get the potatoes. Mom laughed as she told me that Grandmother looked at him and said." They are in the pot and ready to eat". She went out to the cellar herself and got them. I guess we all have our stories.....Oh ,no..I just burned the suppertime potatoes.I think I can save them..........maybe.......

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Peter takes the food to the Parish Hall for the Garden party

Grandmother and the Garden Party

The Garden Party

WOW..I managed to get two walks in today.I walked at Racoon River Park and met friends for a walk at Greys' Lake. Always good to catch up with friends.A beautiful day. I saw Canada Geese hanging out,diving in the river and there are always a few robins around. I guess that is a good sign of spring. I decided to post the Garden Party Rug today.It is one of the first ones that I hooked from a family photo. It is amusing since it is of my grandmother and father. She has him pushing the wheelbarrow to the church grounds . It is full of goodies for the summer garden Party which is a fundraiser type of event for the local church/community.I will try to locate the photos and post them ..They are just wonderful........

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fish Mats

I had been thinking about doing another fish mat . There is one that I hooked a long time ago . I always get positive comments on it. Maybe I should try another .A friend asked me to hook a fish rug. I have done a few and am wondering what she would like . It snowed on my crocus plants last night but it has melted yet again.I am amazed that they even survive. It should start warming up in a few more days.Back to normal temps for this time of year. Almost April.Ya!!!!!!!!I guess I will make it out for a walk after all........

Monday, March 28, 2011

Amy , Memories.........

Monday.Tea time

I am having my tea and wondering what I should say today. It is a little chilly but it should start warming up here by the end of the week.It will be April soon and time for gardening and bike rides. I worked on my mola last night .I think it is looking okay so far. I love hooking fish for some reason.I have to put the grandfather design on to some backing today. A friend just told me that she is going to be getting a puppy. She loves animals and I am so happy for her.I saw a photo of my first dog Amy in my photo files .She was the best. She wold go on such adventures and all the neighbours loved her.The local people would cut wood up behind where we lived and Amy often went up there with them.She would visit people and of course be given treats. Our vet asked why she gained so much weight, well just because. A beautiful puppy. When we moved we could not take her .She moved in with our neighbours who were so thrilled about it. I knew she had to have the freedom to run and live in a place where she would be happy.. I have such wonderful memories about living out there and our beautiful Amy. We had such good times with all our old friends and it was a wonderful place for our family at that time.Happy Times .........I will post her picture when I locate it...........

Saturday, March 26, 2011

mola fish pattern

An afternoon of rughooking. in Altoona

Spent the afternoon rughooking today at the library. A good group showed up and all the rugs were great. I worked on my mola fish .I am enjoying the textured wool that I am using. . It was another chilly day here. I do need to get moving on a couple of other patterns that I plan to do. My friend sent me a beautiful piece of paisley. I hope to get out and dig in the flower garden soon. I did get to talk to my grandson,not sure what he was saying but he was enjoying himself. I will try to add the mola photo. Never got out for a walk today but maybe tomorrow............

Friday, March 25, 2011

It snowed- waiting for spring...........

I thought spring was here but it snowed and there are snowflakes falling outside the window. I mailed my application to NL for rug school. It will be in Gross Morne again. I did start my fish mola pattern but ran out of the fun black wool.What to do? I have also misplaced a nice piece of green wool. It must be here.........I am figuring out how things work on this blog and have added a few blogs that I like. I do need to get the Grandfather rug started .I have told a friend of ours that I will hook a rug in exchange for a beautiful sailboat art photograph.My poor crocus plants are covered in snow and I was going to haul out the garden furniture.What was I thinking> I did buy a piece of Paisley which I will be using in my workshop in April on Hooking a Paisley . Should be great.......Anyway.I do need another cup of tea from my Tim Hortons teapot..with my T

etley tea....Maybe I will try to post the grandfather rug that I am going to do again for St. Vincents .........Cant wait to go hooking with the rughookers out that way..Maybe spring will be back in a few more days...crossing my fingers for that...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

JUST Go Hook It - Rug Hooking: RUG HOOKING DAILY Featured RUG HOOKER

JUST Go Hook It - Rug Hooking: RUG HOOKING DAILY Featured RUG HOOKER: "REFRESHING  and INSPIRATIONAL Rugs  I am showing today  these wonderful RUGS by Karen Bonia one of which(the last here)..."

finished rugs.

I have finished whipping 2 rugs and am started on a cool fish Mola  .Took pics.I do have to add a torn skirt to Agnes/Mall Bay house. I got my pretty vase from Ideeli yesterday and my Garrett book with all old patterns in it. I may have to hook another Garrett pattern again. This is kind of like keeping a journal,I am not sure if anyone will notice this blog I tried to google it but no luck..I did go to Saylorville lake yesterday afternoon for a walk.It was windy and cold but I have promised myself that I will try to walk as much as possible. It looks nice out now but it is a bit cold. Took a couple of photos of the rugs and will try to add them.I am learning .Saw a woodpecker at the old tree while having my tea.So pretty.The tornado did hit a couple of places in Iowa . A few homes and barns damaged.It is the time of year for them.Hard to see the homes destroyed.. I guess I will dress up with my tam and warm coat and get outdoors. The fresh air is good for us all............

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

beautiful Gross morne

tornado warning.

Well, last night there was a tornado warning. Sirens went off here .No damage and it ended so I could watch The Good Wife. I finished whipping my bird rug and am planning to start a small pattern that I bought. I will post the 2 rugs that I finished and maybe the pretty crocus plants. I am ready to mail off my Newfoundland rug school registration March 25 . It will be in beautiful Gross Morne again.Can't wait. Having my tea now and I hope to get out for a walk later. Hope its not too chilly out there. We have been having wonderful sunny days so far..........Not so sunny today but there is no snow......ya!!!!!!I love Iowa spring weather...........

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The crocus flowers are up.Beautiful purple and yellow ones. I am working on my whipping and will start a new rug .I plan to do a rag rug and have ordered burlap so it will be most like the old ones  remember. Looking forward to reading the Garrett book as well since those are the rugs my grandmothers would have hooked.