Thursday, March 24, 2011

finished rugs.

I have finished whipping 2 rugs and am started on a cool fish Mola  .Took pics.I do have to add a torn skirt to Agnes/Mall Bay house. I got my pretty vase from Ideeli yesterday and my Garrett book with all old patterns in it. I may have to hook another Garrett pattern again. This is kind of like keeping a journal,I am not sure if anyone will notice this blog I tried to google it but no luck..I did go to Saylorville lake yesterday afternoon for a walk.It was windy and cold but I have promised myself that I will try to walk as much as possible. It looks nice out now but it is a bit cold. Took a couple of photos of the rugs and will try to add them.I am learning .Saw a woodpecker at the old tree while having my tea.So pretty.The tornado did hit a couple of places in Iowa . A few homes and barns damaged.It is the time of year for them.Hard to see the homes destroyed.. I guess I will dress up with my tam and warm coat and get outdoors. The fresh air is good for us all............

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