Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday.Tea time

I am having my tea and wondering what I should say today. It is a little chilly but it should start warming up here by the end of the week.It will be April soon and time for gardening and bike rides. I worked on my mola last night .I think it is looking okay so far. I love hooking fish for some reason.I have to put the grandfather design on to some backing today. A friend just told me that she is going to be getting a puppy. She loves animals and I am so happy for her.I saw a photo of my first dog Amy in my photo files .She was the best. She wold go on such adventures and all the neighbours loved her.The local people would cut wood up behind where we lived and Amy often went up there with them.She would visit people and of course be given treats. Our vet asked why she gained so much weight, well just because. A beautiful puppy. When we moved we could not take her .She moved in with our neighbours who were so thrilled about it. I knew she had to have the freedom to run and live in a place where she would be happy.. I have such wonderful memories about living out there and our beautiful Amy. We had such good times with all our old friends and it was a wonderful place for our family at that time.Happy Times .........I will post her picture when I locate it...........

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