Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I remember when My Grandmother used to come to Town in the taxi and stay with us. This is a photo of my father and Mrs.Lil .The people in the community that she lived in called her Mrs.Lil. Grandmother was a hard working woman,she was a local midwife,ran a boarding house and was a woman who contributed much to St. Marys ,SMB.I met someone a long time ago who had studied to be a nurse and talked about my grandmother and her reputation as a wonderful midwife ....I do remember visiting her in the retirement home where she spent her later years. I would always bring After Eight Mints which she loved. I have a beautful photo of her when she was young taken in Boston .......Such a wonderful Grandmother. Well ,I guess I should Blog about my maternal grandmother tomorrow. Mom told me so many wonderful stories about her. She had a story about Grandmother Bonia .Mom and Dad were visiting and Grandmother was cooking dinner. She asked my grandfather to go out to the cellar and get a few potatoes . He was reading and said in a few minutes. He continued to read and after awhile decided to go out to get them. Grandmother looked at him and said she had the potatoes in the pot boiling . She had already done it and they were nearly cooked. I remember the homemade butter.....and all the wonderful goodies............Next blog Grandmother Halleran........A sunny day here and a walk for sure.............I did hook a great rug of her The Garden Party which I must post....Dad was pushing a wheelbarrow full of goodies with Grandmother behind him......

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